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Kevin is the embodiment of a triumphant hair industry trailblazer. With an illustrious career spanning over three decades, his pursuit of perfection has set an unwavering standard for all hair enthusiasts to follow. Yet, beyond his wealth of experience in the craft, Kevin's effortless charisma and eternally youthful spirit have woven a magnetic charm that continues to captivate a loyal clientele, spanning more than two decades. In the realm of men's haircuts, he reigns supreme, showcasing an unrivaled mastery that's nothing short of remarkable. But when he's not crafting impeccable styles in the salon, you'll find this meticulous artist honing his golf game, exploring new horizons through travel, and, above all, cherishing precious moments with his beloved family. 

Benny G.

"I went in for a haircut a couple of weeks ago in preparation for an interview. Little did I know when I walked into the salon that I would be getting a hair cut from the owner himself! I can’t remember who washed my hair, lovely lady, we had a nice chat and she was super welcoming and accommodating. Kevin then asked me what I wanted, I said go for gold I just need it to look tidy and nice for my interview. We spent a good hour, talking, laughing, and getting hair cut! I had a splendid time getting to know Kevin. I highly recommend the company for a haircut, they are personable and pack 35 years of experience, how can you go wrong? Pricing is also very reasonable! I had a wonderful interview and the haircut was a winner, I got invited for the job! Thanks so much Kevin! See you soon ❤️"

Diego K.

"I always get my hair done by Kevin. He and the other staff are always super nice and Kevin does an amazing job everytime!"

Ian A.

"Kevin is a real pro and gives the perfect cut every time. Everyone is friendly and I enjoy every visit. Thanks, Kevin!"

Arash B.

"Kevin is a top notch stylist. He pays attention to detail and takes time to make sure a perfect work is done. I would definitely use this place again. The location is vets convenient and the place is very clean & organized."

Marshall M.

"As always, Kevin’s cuts are top notch 😁"

Dhruv M.

"I recently had the pleasure of getting my hair styled at Artistic Salon, and I couldn't be happier with the results, all thanks to Kevin, the incredibly talented hairstylist. Kevin's professionalism truly stood out as he meticulously attended to every detail, ensuring that my hairstyle was not just good, but perfect. His skill and dedication to his craft were evident throughout the entire process, making it a truly enjoyable experience. Now, about the salon's ambience—while it may not boast a lavish interior, Artistic Salon has made a unique investment in its artists, and that's what sets them apart. Don't be quick to judge based on appearances; the real beauty lies in the artistic mastery of the hairstylists. It's a hidden gem for those who value skill and creativity over a flashy setting. Highly recommended!"

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